WWRD will replace from our Connaught, Loop, Stratford, Fusion,Vogue, Jupiter and Silhouette Collections any plate, platter, bowl, saucer, in oval and round patterns and any stacking cup or stacking mug,where an edge chips during normal food service use in the Hospitality sector.


1. Who this Warranty covers:
This warranty covers our customers who have bought these products and who register directly with us using the form provided within 60 days of the date of our invoice.
2. Length of Warranty:
This warranty applies without any time limit.
3. What this Warranty covers:
It covers the pieces stated above and it applies only to chipping.
It does not apply, for example, to breakage or cracking.
4. Definition of “Normal Food Service Use”:
“Normal Food Service Use” means use in accordance with generally accepted standards of good practice as in the care advice given in our catalogue.
5. Product Discontinuation:
If a product cannot be replaced due to discontinuation of production, then one of approximately equal value, (based on the last published price for the discontinued product) and as similar in appearance as then available will be supplied.
6. How to obtain Warranty coverage:
a) Details of who and where to contact will be supplied on registration.
b) WWRD will inspect the damaged product and all the circumstances of the claim. It shall be at the sole discretion of WWRD, acting reasonably and in good faith within the terms of this warranty, to decide whether or not this warranty applies.
If it does then WWRD will at its cost ship a replacement within a reasonable time.