Specification & Care

Our products are manufactured from the highest grade raw materials to withstand the rigours of everyday use in a catering environment. In normal use, they will retain their original sheen and beauty for many years.

Each piece is manufactured to very narrow tolerances of measurement including linear dimension,weight and capacity which is essential for space planning and uniformity.

Each product is of a guaranteed quality level and consistency having been inspected more than 15 times throughout the production process (AQL Quality Standard is available on request).

Each product conforms to the BS4034 (1990) British Standard Specification for Vitrified Hotelware,proving that the product will not craze and has porosity/water absorption below 0.2%.

    • Do not scrape excess food from china with metal objects
    • Ensure that cutlery/flatware is always washed separately to china, whether by hand or in a dishwashing machine
    • Stack plates on rubber/plastic mats on stainless steel surfaces
    • Do not place china on cold surfaces if items have been exposed to temperatures above 60ºC/ 140ºF
    • Do not overfill dishwashing machines
    • Do not stack different items together

All Products are:

edge-chip-icon Edge-Chip Resistant
dishwasher-icon Dishwasher Safe (Standard detergents)
microwave-safe-icon Microwave Safe (Non-metallic designs)
oven-safe-icon Oven Safe (Up to 60ºC/ 140ºF)
freezer-safe-icon Freezer Safe
craze-proof-icon Craze Proof
high-sheen-icon High Sheen Glaze